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There's a business in our area that does something along those lines. They offer basic name/address/phone number listings in their business directory for free to local businesses. They also offer a great deal of local info -- such as an event calendar to which anyone can submit events for free, community classified ads, and feeds from all the local area newspapers. That gets them a fair amount of traffic to start with, which is what you're going to need in order to be able to sell advertising.

What this site does is offer enhanced directory listings (say, with a live URL) and a "featured site" listing (i.e. placed higher in the list than the "regular" free listings) for a fee.

They also offer hosting and site design packages for businesses that want to take things a step further. This may be more than you want to bite off, but I know for these guys it actually works out to be the major portion of their business. Might be something to think about if you can pull it off from a technical standpoint.

Dunno if this is helpful, but I thought it might be good to give an example of a similar business that has worked out.


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