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Default Got an idea...need some feedback

Don't know if this belongs here but I couldn't find any other place to post. This is a post about my business idea:

The business will be web-based. The site will focus on promoting business for companies/stores in my local area (New York), probably just my county. I would advertise/email/call companies/stores and let them know if they wanted to take part in the site. People would visit the site and be able to select (from links) like automobile, clothing store, deli, restaurant, etc; for whatever business has signed up or by town. I think this would be a good idea to get small business more recognized.

Companies/stores would have to pay according to what they want posted on the site. This is an example that I have thought of so far...

-Basic Package ($10) - Basic Info (Name, address (multiple address if applicable), phone#, email, store hours)
-Deluxe Package ($25) - Basic Package + Sales (if they have any sales that week or whatever), Pictures
-Premium Package ($50) - Deluxe Package + Coupons, Company/Store of the week*, anything they want to write

*Businesses will be featured on a company of the week (small section of the site) type thing to further promote.

Also, I was thinking that businesses could donate some products (like old phones, gift cards, free meal/item, etc) and people (visitors of the site) would have to pay $1 to vote on the price of the item or what it should cost or something similar. Very similiar to a rafle.

To get started, I was told (thanks to sarmonkey17) that I could give out the service for free to attract visitors and then start to charge or Make a site with a lot of info about the county and slowly begin to advertise.

I have done some research on familiar sites for my county and I came up with one but it hasn't been updated in a while and it doesn't look like it gets many visitors.

Im not sure if I would make them pay yearly or every 6 months.

I know it's long but I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot.

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