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That's great, Mike! So, let's get started.

Let's look at the answers you gave to my list of questions. We will come back to the first one because either I wasn't clear or your negativity is more deep-rooted than I thought. Not to worry - we'll just have to dig deeper to root it out.

You said you are more likely to find a solution if you tell yourself, I can do this, I can solve this, I can find a way out of this crap.

You said you feel worse when you say, I'm screwed.

You said you are more likely to find an answer when you feel better.

You said you are more likely to find someone who can help you when you have a positive, lively, can-do attitude.

Now, read those statements again and think about them, because I have a couple more questions relating to them --

1. You said you are more likely to find an answer when you feel better, and that you feel worse when you say, I'm screwed. As you came to this forum to find an answer, doesn't it make sense to stop saying "I'm screwed."? So, Mike - Stop saying I'm screwed. Forbid yourself from ever using that phrase again. Find some other positive phrase you can use instead and tell us here what that new phrase will be.

2. You came to this forum hoping to find a solution and you formulated your request in negative terms - "I doubt I would succeed.... My dream .. is never going to happen!" And your second post was even worse, right?. Yet your answer to my question were all positive - read them again. Why is that?

Because when you really get to thinking about your situation, it really isn't as bad as you are making it out to be.

So, your next exercise is to rewrite your second post in this thread but in positive terms. Don't change any of the facts, just write them in positive terms - starting with---

"Fortunately I'm 27 years old and have learned a few skills and developed some talent in customer service and driving commercial vehicles...."

Now, Mike - you rewrite the rest of your post in positive terms and let us see what you write.

There you are - two exercises for you to do--
1. Tell us a new phrase you will use to replace "I'm screwed."
2. Rewrite your second post in positive terms and post it here.

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