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Good job, Mike! Glad I didn't chase you away with my rough approach. I believe that says you have the guts to make a success of yourself.
(Test #1 - Pass)

Now, it will take plenty of work and a lot of effort on your part. But what is really important at this stage is for you to believe that you are smart enough to be capable of achieving success.

Not that you WILL achieve success - the extent of your effort will determine that - only that you are smart enough to achieve success - if you wanted it, you could.

Look around your local area - are there any people you see who you consider successful? Are they any smarter than you? Chances are they know more than you - that's how they gained success - but are they SMARTER than you?

I hope you confidently answered, "No, they are not smarter than me. They had more opportunity, perhaps - they had some luck - somebody helped them - but they are not smarter than me."

And with that knowledge, with that confidence, with that positive attitude, you will succeed.

Are you still with me, Mike? Are you ready to put in some effort and ditch the negative thinking with which you started this thread? Shall we try a few positive exercises?

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