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Regarding what GT3 Digital said about meta tags, I disagree.

Out of that list meta tags are probably the least important, at least that is what i have heard but I don't have any data to support that
Ahh... not trying to beat you up GT3, but that's the biggest problem with SEO. Too many people rely on what they hear. Not what they have done or accomplished. I am glad that I have done a lot of work on the topic. That saves me buying into the 'get on Google now!' eBooks. Ha!

I uploaded an image but am NOT 100% sure if you will be able to see it. What happened was this. In an article that I wrote and posted at ezinearticles, the article title was 'Marketing Online Requires Good Copy - Here is a Trick That...' (at least that is all that was shown in Google). Now, I don't remember the EXACT title, but it finished something like '... that they don't want you to know'.. or something like that. I made NO MENTION in the title of the words that appeared in the SEARCH.

The actual search term was "list of product benefits" (with the quotes) I got that information because of search tracking at ezinearticles.

When the article showed up 2nd PLACE IN GOOGLE... the HIGHLIGHTED PART that was a match to the SEARCH PHRASE was in the META DESCRIPTION, NOT THE TITLE!!

(NOTE: I attached the actual screen shot below in this article if you want to view it yourself!)

So, do META Descriptions matter? The answer is YES.

I have several different examples of this, but I do not often take screenshots of them. I did this time because it was just so clean and obvious.

For those looking for more help, this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why SEO poeple tell you to add content. It's those terms and phrases that people enter into search engines that finally direct people to your site.

Also... like BrittMalka said:
I decided to change it dynamically, so that each page had its own title.
Critical to search. Those page titles are killer. What's worse is so many shopping cart systems DO NOT let you make unique page titles for each product. That is why so many, out of the box solutions don't work well for people looking to set up a store. They are dead before they start.

If you need more help with these issues, don't be afraid to contact me.

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