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Default Just Rounding Off

Hi Marcus,
Believe me, I was not computer-minded at all 3 or 4 years ago, just playing with it. When I started, I was perhaps even worse - was totally lost. Figured that there must be a more rational way to do all this, took courses and educated myself, learn all these day and night! So, what I said has nothing whatsoever to do with "liking or unliking", just simply thinking that my experience could be helpful.

Many things and perspective will change as you move along - in the Internet there is no linear path, nothing is cast in stone. But the basic principles remain. As a basic communication medium, the internet must be made up of substantially "content", and good content differentiates the players amongst themselves. It must be so, especially if you want to engage in any form of internet business. Otherwise there is no attraction. I found this true to my experience - and this experience is shared as well by my many internet friends worldwide. Best Wishes!

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