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Back when I actually did a decent amount of SEO work (as opposed to just some consulting) I pretty much never took on a client unless we were doing all of their online marketing work.

SEM simply doesn't work if you aren't working with a site that has the whole package. What good does all that traffic do if you can't convert it? Thus, rather than end up having companies get frustrated because they are getting traffic, but not having conversions, I made sure that I had control (or at least input) over the entire online process.

I think that's going to be the biggest move in SEM in the next few years...we're going to see fewer SEM only shops, unless they are ones that have clearly defined relationships with online marketing agencies or web development firms so that they are already workign with vendors that they have a good relationship with.

Again, SEM means nothing unless it's part of an overall package. I think that's the thing that strikes most small businesses as being the most difficult part of SEM. They just don't realize that they have to give their firm or consultant access to suggesting changes that can impact conversion rates.

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