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I think Bill makes some excellent points.

Stoney, I'm with you on the idea that you can't place all of your focus on the longtail words, but you also shouldn't place all your focus on the "money" words either.

The money words are the most noticable and easiest to track because individually, they pack the most punch. But the reality is that on a well optimzied site, the top 20 or 30 keywords tend to make up less than a quarter of the search engine traffic to a site.

A site that has fantastic content is going to pick up TONS of traffic for the incidental phrases and those often convert at a much higher rate than the "money" words. Now it doesn't make sense to focus on them exclusively, because each one of them may only product a few clicks a year. But combined, their power isn't something that you can ignore.

I think what the concept of the longtail does is shift the focus of organic SEO back toward being about building solid, quality content and less about stuffing a bunch of words on a page. It's not so much a change in HOW you do things as it is a change in the way of explaining things to a client.

What do you think?

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