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Pay Per Click (PPC) has absolutely no effect on SEO. The folks at Google have been quite clear, over and over again, for many years now, that there is no connection between PPC and SEO.

There are some conspiracy theorists who periodically crop up with notions that there is some relationship. Aside from the denials of the folks who work at Google, any such relationship would be highly illegal -- if there were ever the slightest hint that it might be true, there would be government investigators all over the scene.

What some marketers find is that the combination of PPC and SEO sometimes leads to more clicks for their site than either PPC or SEO alone. Apparently, for some customers, seeing the site in the organic results and in the paid results reinforces their intent to visit the site.

But taking out PPC ads will not in any way impact the position of your pages in the organic results.


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