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Originally Posted by rdcclu View Post
Install and activate All in One SEO Pack.

Make sure your primary keyword for your post is in the title. Within 160 characters, write a compelling reason/benefit for the person to click over to your blog. Make sure you do adequate keyword research and enter about 6 of your top keywords. All you entries in the All in One SEO Pack override whatever else is on your page.

After you put up a blog post, go to Pingler and ping the actual page that the blog post resides on.

Then social bookmark your blog post.

A final option would be to make a 2 min YouTube video on the subject and put that on the same page as the post.

All spider food.
Very informative post mate. I will follow this tips because I am also having a problem with regards to meta tags, it is so lucky i am to dropped by on this thread. Thanks for sharing, Appreciate it.

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