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Hello there,

The rub is this;

What is it about your social network that is any different to any of the others that exist?

There is no reason you cannot hire a programmer or formulate a partnership with one, however you need to convince them that your idea is workable. Programmers are usually pretty smart people, and they tend to spend a lot more time on their computer than most people. So when you do contact them you would do well to listen to them.

Here are some things to keep in mind;
- The cost of developing most sites is small compared with the marketing
- Bespoke sites are expensive, depending on what you want they can cost you in the 50,000k and up for anything reasonably substantial and different to other sites.
- Off the shelf systems (if there is one that does what you need) will not allow you to differentiate from any of your other competitors.
- Without being able to differentiate, your profit margins are drastically reduced.
- If you could get an off the shelf system, there will be 100 other people making millions of dollars too, right?
- It takes 10 years to be a good programmer.
- Good programmers are smart, they want and deserve to be paid accordingly
- Bad programmers will blow your whole business, just like bad carpenters will ruin your house.
- There are lots of bad programmers around
- How do you find a good programmer?

I could go on, but those are some of the conundrums you will need to consider if you want to be sucessful.

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