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Hi enterpriser, first off welcome aboard

Many may not have direct experiences to say. I think it is possible, but find the right partner for that sort of venture may be difficult as someone will really have to believe in your idea to invest a substantial amount of time programming something like that. An idea alone isn't probably enough, but other things will be necessary like promotion, business setup, operational, etc. So I'd personally expect someone to have more than an idea if I was creating/programming a new social network. Others might have a different response though.

Typically it would be programmed in a language such as php, java, etc using a database such as mysql. If you are looking for something off the shelf, you can find applications/software at I didn't check specifically for social networking, but if its out there typically you can find it there.

Owners typically benefit from a social network through advertising on the website. There are other tactics as well, such as private paid subscription areas.

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