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Default Tips And Tricks On Growing A Good Blog For Your Small Busines

Guys, I would like to start this thread to collect valuable tips about how to grow a good small business's blog.
I will share tips every day. You are welcome to join and share your best practices as well.
Please try to post really valuable things here, so, we could help each other save time and get on-time instructions how to act and grow a blog right now.

First tip - Publish at least 1 post per day and share it on all social networks where you are.
Start a blog for your company as soon as possible. There is a fact that companies with an active blog generate 67% more leads per month! You can google it, it's true.
Once you started it - write regularly. Even if you fail on schedule, just continue to push yourself and publish.
We are not ideal and what is really helping is to pushing yourself to continue no matter what.
Your first goal - publish 1 post each day and share it on all social networks where you are.

Come back tomorrow and find another one tip!

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