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Originally Posted by YOCS View Post
I use Linkman by PHP Junkyard it's free unless you want to remove the powered by tag then it's $19.95. I have it integrated with my site. If somebody wants to trade a reciprocal link with me they just post my link info on their page then fill in the form on my page Linkman will then go out and verify that a link to my site has been posted and in turn post their info on my site. I don't have do anything You can also set it so that you only accept pages with a certain Page rank. Here it is in action on my site If you have a business that is similar to mine feel free to trade links.

Linkman -
I would be VERY careful about using link exchanges such as these. As you can see from YOCS' page, you will end up with links to many types of sites, many of which can end up damaging your own site's reputation and potentially getting your own site penalized or banned. As it is the case for YOCS, you often end up being totally irrelevant to your site.

What you need to realize is... EVERY link that you place on your site pointing to another site is a potential liability. So you need to be very careful to whom you link. If you're not 110% sure that the site you're linking to abides by all of Google's webmaster guidelines, you should NOFOLLOW that link.

If a site that you link to with a FOLLOWed link ends up getting penalized for violating Google's webmaster guidelines, YOUR site can be penalized as well for promoting a "bad neighborhood" site.

Just look at the list of links that YOCS is linking to that have absolutely nothing to do with online computer repair:

Internet Affiliate Program
hotel ishia (I wouldn't link to that site even with a NOFOLLOW lol... Looks very shady)
Dental Offices in GA
Chat (again some foreign language site. VERY suspect).
Security solutions
Digital photography
Hockey Jerseys
Best Free Keylogger (I GET A MCAFFEE ALERT when I go there saying the site has been reported as UNSAFE... probably a malware site).
Bamboo wood flooring
Toronto current events
Private investigators in Bangalore (REALLY?)
Los Angeles Internet Marketing
inventory software
WoW Private Servers (ROFL I played World of Warcraft for 4 years... but never needed my computer repared).
Cash Advance
Barcode printing
Private Investigator in New Delhi.
Free Classifieds in India

The list goes on.

Pages like these are a big red flag... And some of those sites are very shady and could result in getting YOCS site penalized.

Are those 50 links you get from those no name, potentially damaging sites really worth getting your own site penalized?

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