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Default Are Your Marketing Strategies And Your Website On The Same Page?

Hey all...Quick story...

Last week a sales rep from a local printing company walked in to my office to pimp his company’s “superior” printing services. I gave him a few minutes and he proceeded to give me his pitch, walk me through his large list of printing capabilities, and show me a smattering of past print jobs that included an impressive mix of brochures, folders and binders with fancy die cuts, foil stamping and intricate embossing.

His sales presentation was actually very good and I imagine that he does a great job of new business development for his company. As I walked him out the door, he handed me his business card and some cool branded notepads and I told him that I’d keep him in mind on future print jobs.

Upon sitting back down at my computer, I grabbed his business card and typed in their website address. This is where things went down hill...

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