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Originally Posted by Cratima View Post
I am confronting with a problem regarding the SEO, SEM of Cratima website.
I use some indicators for my managerial analysis of the Internet marketing job done for this website.
One of this indicators is the number of results at Google when searching for the keyword cratima
( I do this because I think that if this indicator grows it means that the amount of information about the company grows and it is good for our notoriety ) .
On 24th of November 2007 our domain name expired (on 28th was reactivated) and 7 days later the number of results dropped from 60000 to 6000. I assumed that the expiration was the reason and don't take the problem too serious. The thing is that the number of results never came back to around 60000 again.
Now, I think that the amount of information hasn't disappeared from the web.
Please give me a clue, or help me with an article, some opinions.
I've searched the web and read about google hell, supplemental results etc. but I haven't found anything to explain or resolve this problem.
Has google changed the algorithm and many info about cratima on the web had stopped being indexed?
Has google another penalization policy that you can prompt me to read?
Has the domain expiration anything to do with this in the first place?
All the others indicators that I use for the managerial analysis are working just fine: alexa, pr, visits..

Thanks !
Your site was still indexed in google but there's no backlinks for your site. Maybe when your domain expired google didn't find your links.

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