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Ha, thanks! I'll share, since you are interested. Years ago I was the moderator of the Google forum at Danny Sullivan was running the Search Engine Strategies conferences and I was asked to be on a panel for a new idea they had. They wanted to have a session where attendees would have their websites reviewed and critiqued by the panel. I enjoyed my time spent with Eric, and it was a bit of fun with Matt Cutts sitting in the audience watching on.

I understand you are learning, and no worries. Many have helped others along with no more than the hope that they might also do the same for someone else down the road. I'm happy to assist and provide you the platform here. I find the more you interact, asking questions and discussing, then the more you get out of it.

Would you be interested in writing articles on Link Building? That could be shared on the forum, and published on our blog, etc.

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