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There is no secret sauce in guaranteeing your Google listing rank. Great content and millions of hours spent making great content is about all any professional can tell you. Truth is that Google is forever changing and it is impossible for anyone to really know how Google works. It's said that even Google engineers are uncertain of it's methods. If someone tells you they can increase your rank, be careful. Trying to game the system typically leads to being banned from Google listings.

Also consider that even though you see your self at the top of the list, this doesn't necessarily mean it really is. Google tracks your every move. With this information Google predicts your interests. You may find your site number one at home, but across the country uncle Buck never searching your niche says your site is nowhere in sight. Hes finding locals in the same niche.

Moral of the story is, don't stress about your rank. Do what you do and be great at it in every way. Google will honor you generously if you do.

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