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Missing from all of your screenshots was one of the actual inventory item record. Without seeing that it is impossible to tell if you have included unit breakdown and standard buy / sell quantities. There are many items with a single barcode that have various sales possibilities. One the retail side there are items such as cigarettes (carton / pack) and beverages (case / 6 pack / each).

While your software is order entry, rather than Point of Sale, the same possibilities exist. One example might be light bulbs that could be sold by the case, 4 or 6 pack or each. All with the same barcode. Another might be auto spark plugs that come 8 or 10 to a box but might be sold in other quantities.

Is you software capable of handling this, or even the buy buy the case of 100, sell by units?

What about unit sales history? Can you tell me how many 12345's I sold each month for the last 12 months, with a 13th field for total sales the previous 12 months? Much of this I could tell at a glance if it could see a screenshot of the actual inventory record.

Proper inventory control requires not just knowing what you have and don;t have, but the capability to easily set and adjust stock records. This, in turn, requires being able to access detailed monthly or at worst quarterly sales records on each unit - in a way that makes editing stock levels easy. Naturally, having all of this on the same screen where you actually do the editing of the stock levels.

Having an accurate quantity on hand figure is nice, but being able to easily adjust your inventory, determine your inventory "turns" and return on investment are equally, or even more important than just knowing what you have.

And probably more important yet is learning and understanding the theory of Open to Buy, which allows you to take each department of category to where it needs to be to get a reasonable return on investment from your inventory. Open to Buy (OTB) does not require a computerized inventory, at all. It's nice, but not required. A simple multi-category cash register will do just fine. Just being able to know sales per category goes along way when figuring OTB.

For more on OTB check this out - Open to Buy

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