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Originally Posted by CalM View Post
The term 'Viral Marketing' is fairly new to me. Having read some of the posts on this forum, it seems as though it can come in many forms.

The term, to me, means a form of marketing that spreads the word exponentially, in that 1 person tells 5 people, those 5 each tell 5 etc... for example.

It also seems like it could overlap with spamming and less ethical ways on marketing.

I have a couple of travel websites that I would like to promote more. Does anyone have any ideas for viral marketing that could spread the word effectively?
greetings, giving advice is not very effective if we don't know what we are commenting about if would be really good to see the websites so we can also tel you how we like them and if it looks attractive, so could you post the links to your website ? i would love to see them

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