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Vernita Sherman

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So why don't I Twitter?

Because I don't see the point.

Readers who are interested in getting marketing updates from me simply subscribe to my blog.
I use to think the same thing until I watched and learned how other people were using it and started using it myself. I donít suggest using twitter to follow-up with subscribers that you already have, but twitter is a great way to get new subscribers. How can someone subscribe to your blog if they donít even know that you exist?

There are thousands of internet marketers on twitter who could benefit from your blog if they only knew about you. A lot of people get on twitter and actually ask for help. In my first few days of using twitter two people had sent me a dm (direct message similar to a forums pm) asking for help with article marketing and mlm. They asked me questions based on some of the responses that they had seen me give other people. Both of these guys had joined my email list just from my answers to them.

Twitter is an excellent way to get the word out there about your blog. Of course you wouldnít blatantly advertise it, but you would help answer other peopleís questions and occasionally mention that you updated your blog. People will visit your site out of curiosity.

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