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Well, that's OK, you know. Just because some people find success with a particular communications medium doesn't mean everyone has to use that same channel. You use what works for you, others will use what works for them. In the end, it's less about the channel you use for communication and more about the fact that you are communicating with your customers and prospects, eh?

Personally, I find Twitter both useful and compelling, personally and professionally. But that's me, and I wouldn't necessarily expect everyone else to be just like me. Diversity makes the world go round!

Of course, before you write it off for the last time, you might want to take a look at Jennifer Laycock's series "From Twits to Tweeple". I was like you and didn't see the worth of the service until I read her series and decided to give it another try with her hints and ideas in mind.

Recently, I tweeted about a new rebate program my company was offering. For two days afterwards, the most prolific referrer to our rebate program landing page was... Twitter. I think you can consider me a Twitter convert.

Since you already seem to be familiar with the service, you can probably start with Part Three, which talks about business communication and networking with Twitter. (Parts One and Two deal with setting up an account and getting your profile in shape.) Part four shows how the "Power of the Re-Tweet" can help you go viral. And Part Five covers the use of Twitter as a source of breaking news.

You might also find the service easier to deal with (and the value easier to see) if you use some kind of third-party interface such as Tweetdeck or Twhirl. The standard web interface has some limitations and I've found these third party clients help me make more efficient use of the service.

But either way, cheers, and keep on communicating!


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