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Default Cheap Targeted Paid Traffic Source Great For Quality Blogs

If you have a content rich quality blog and a small budget that you're willing to invest in targeted paid traffic then this source may be right up your alley.

Recently we've been using to get additional eyes on some of our authority blogs and have had great success with it. The traffic comes from very high quality sites such as CNN, WSJ, TechRadar, PC Mag and others. Best of all you can get it for dirt cheap at around 15 cents per click or less.

The traffic is very targeted because you are posting a blurb from your blog on their site and they're clicking thru based on the title of your blog post, the image and the blurb. Also the quality of the traffic is very, very high.

Best of all you can get started for just $10 a day - which is dirt cheap.

I recommend you start at 15 cents as your bid price and then after a couple of weeks you can begin to gradually reduce the bid price. You can likely get it all the way down to the 5 cent range if you are patient and don't get too aggressive. I recommend just dropping it a penny a day or so over a period of time and monitoring the number of clicks you're getting. If the clicks drop off too much, you may have to bid more.

You can also geo-target your clicks to a certain country if you like, though this feature is pretty limited only allowing you to select a single country or all.

You can sign up and be rolling in just minutes. Also I highly recommend that you add as much of your content to their system as possible - the more content you put into their system, the better it works. They're not publishing your content, just an intro "blurb", but you have to submit/register your posts that you want to promote with them.

WARNING: This is not advised for new sites that are not making money. If, however, your site is profitable and you regularly invest in paid traffic and advertising, this may be a great source for targeted, quality traffic.

Please note that I have NO AFFILIATION with whatsoever, just a happy user passing on some good information...

Troy Broussard

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