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Heh heh Diane - you're only a couple of years "older" than me...

I'm glad to see you're getting more comfy with HTML and the Editor and can finally see that it's not that hard, once you see how things "flow" -- as for the Business Cards, just follow the instructions on my site and we'll take it from there.

Now -- *drumroll* -- your site's new "landing page" is ready for your review; however, please read the following instructions very carefully and adhere to them strictly; otherwise you might mess things up!

1. When you click the link below, everything is currently on my server.

2. Once the page loads, go to the top of your browser; select "View"; then select "Page Source" -- here is where you'll see all of the code that runs your landing page.

3. Just before the "<body>" tag, you'll see a long string of code that's unfamiliar to you -- this is the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code that drives your site ... DO NOT MESS WITH THIS CODE ... CSS is a shorter language for sites, but I left it there just in case you don't have your own server, and SiteBuilder might mess it up.

4. The PayPal icon in the right column doesn't take you to the PayPal site for customers to pay -- you'll have to place their exact code, or it won't work -- if you don't think you can do that properly, just PM me with all of the code and I'll do it for you.

5. Lastly; if you're happy with the site, DELETE EVERY BIT OF SITEBUILDER CODE ... then, copy/paste every part of my code; save it; and upload everything.

Let me know how you do, and good luck!

Here's the new landing page --

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