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Default Beth, Your source is absolutley WRONG!

Adwords works for companies that have short (impulse) to long (large) purchase cycles. I have even used Google Adwords for a company that did not even have a website to help them start a floor covering service to help them with what words people would repsond to. They used that information for their company name and advertising literature.

Now back to your situation. Google adwords will get traffic to your site, NOW its up to you to get that traffic to respond. Even businesses with short impulse type products will not convert if the website turns off the visitor.

For your situation, if you have a larger price point, your going to have to be a better salesman than your competition. Once you get that visitor to your site via Adwords, now its up to you and up to your site to get that desired action. Is it an email and / or a phone number for you to follow up? If so make the site designed in a way that it is painless, trust worthy and desireable for the visitor to leave this critical piece of information.

Your right, if they click your ad, and leave your site and never leave any follow up info. Your wasting money BIG time! Your job is to make it inticing enough for them to want to leave you their information.

Do you convey that your an expert? Do you offer something in return for thier information? Do you follow up quickly? and MOST important do you have the ability to close the deal? Answering NO or I Dont know to any of these questions and I would not only pull the plug on Adwords I would stop what I was doing and correct my sales process before going any further.

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