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It doesn't have to take years or months to start seeing traffic to your blog. It's really depends on the individual and how creative you want to get. Here is my strategy for increasing traffic and promoting my blog posts:

1. Facebook Ads ( Traffic to Post Pages )
2. Send Tweets to my Twitter Network or Pay for Tweets
3. Send out to my email list subscribers
4. Inform the network of Bloggers that are in my industry to share
5. Syndicate My Content to Aggregators ( i.e BizSugar, Blogengage, etc)
6. Re-purpose My Content to Slideshare and Scribd with links pointing back to my post page.
7. Blog Commenting using the URL of the blog post I want to promote. I usually comment and provide value on 50 blogs in my industry and use the blog post URL I want to promote.

This is just a sample of things that I do after every blog post. It's roughly about 15 to 20 things sometimes more. It's tedious and not that sexy to someone who does not want to hustle and put the work in.

Gone are the days when you would easily get traffic from the search engines from putting up a few posts. With so many people starting blogs and putting out content you have to fight to get noticed. So the only way to do that is to make it easier for your audience to find you.

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