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Originally Posted by johnnylew View Post
I have seen a few posts on people advising on getting away from CPC and focus on SEO. Comments like, your wasting money/effort on PPC when you can get free traffic with SEO.

Dont get me wrong. Website owners have to invest in SEO efforts whenever they create a page on their site & this can never stop. HOWEVER, how many of you have not devoted any time to CPC chasing / hoping / maybe even praying that your time spent on optimizing a page will pay off with the number one result in the SERP? More so, how many of you got it! There you are number one today, uh oh wait a minute, where is my number ranking a month later? Google, Yahoo, Bing .... reindexed and your number 5 or worse.

You have to combine SEO with PPC to be successful, to keep a constant flow of traffic you have to have PPC, otherwise all your eggs are in the SERP basket and you could be one new algorythum change away from no traffic.

Now here is the great thing that ties your efforts together. Do all those great things for SEO (proper page title, headline, content ...) and if your doing it correclty when you link your Adwords Ad to that page for the keywords you've chosen, you should immediatley have a good Quality Score. SEO Optimization and PPC do go hand in hand.

Keep striving for top organic results - we do! but we put much more effort into a sure thing PPC where we know we will get Page one showings over hoping that over time we get organic page one rankings.
Thanks for sharing this information.

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