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Sounds like you're on the right track! Remember, unless you devote huge gobs of money for an all-out advertising campaign blitz, it's going to take time to get started.

But, having come from a small town market myself, I may have some additional ideas for you:

TV - Many small towns have a community channel where businesses can advertise inexpensively. Your local cable company may also offer inexpensive options, like a scrolling ticker on the Weather channel.

Movie Theatre - If you have a local theatre, they may be offering ad opportunities that you should definitely check out.

Coupon Magazines - Your local Money Saver or whatever its called is a *great* way to get your name out. You may not see any calls the first month since your service is entirely based on timing (they have to actually have a computer issue to need you), but those mags sit in people's kitchen drawers for months and months.

Create Partnerships - Find some other businesses in the area to create partnerships with. For instance, a copier company. If you have a client that needs a coper for their business, you can refer your new partner, and they can send you PC repair gigs.

Networking - Chambers of Commerce are great, but what's even better are Business Networking groups. You'll have to do some research to find what's available in your area, but if you find one that's close and needs a PC guy, join! If you've never heard of what I'm talking about, these are groups of business people where only one business niche can be represented, and the idea is to give each other referrals whenever possible. I was the IT guy for such a group in Ohio years ago and it was very beneficial.

Direct Mail - Postcards introducing your business are a great idea. Try going to your local Board of Elections and purchase lists of registered voters. As a Chamber member, you should also be able to get a list of all other Chamber members.

Remember, good advertising is all about "top of mind". When someone does have a computer issue, you want them to recall you first. That means having placed in your name and services in front of them at least 10 - 12 times, in various ways.

Also, make sure you're taking full advantage of Craigslist. I'm sure you're posting ads in the Services -> Computer section, but are you also posting under Resumes? And make sure you check your Gigs -> Computer section daily for anyone posting that they need assistance.

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