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Default More Conversions & Less Costs...

Hi guys,

So since I had started my first PPC Campaign about 2 weeks ago, I finally got excellent conversions but also not so friendly costs... In total, I got 1300+ clicks on my ads for example, and my conversion value/ price is at about 2.0 ( looking more like it will go under 2.0).

My biggest problem is the costs factor for the ads. I already passed the 3 primary ads that haven't given me any sales but high costs. But I have no idea where to improve to lower the costs and improve the sales. The quality score of my ads is always between 8 and 10, so it can't be because of that. The offers our company has ( retail) are magnificent and we have a wide range ( we sell to different countries and are UK based). I run or rather help to move the German PPC account to help and increase our sales but it's not working how I imagined it.

Is there anything I missed? The daily budget isn't that high atm as my campaign is like a 'test' to see how its performing and so far the old drives results are better than mine but if I compare them I do pretty much all the same ( except the daily budget and CPC bids are a bit different)

Do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can improve my sales and more necessary, to lower the costs?

Would be great if you all could help me



The campaign is an exact campaign, average ad position 2.3

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