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Default A fourth dimension?

Originally Posted by Linda View Post
What is your opinion on trying to appeal to your reader through emotions?
Sometimes, to me that is, it comes across kind of corny and I don't take it seriously.
Too much emotional corn is often seen in the 'squeeze' page (?) model of one-web-page writing, where 'ya gotta buy, or ya gonna die' without my/this ebook/strategy. Funnily enough it often sits in front of an affiliate link.

However they do use well a fourth emotional dimension (not mentioned in the article), that which is often found lurking in customer testimonials: the 'problem-solved and I am relieved' sort of feeling.

I can see that if you capture and summarise these 'problem found for solution' issues in relatively little anchor text, they can be a good to pull different sorts of clients off the front page of a site. They can also be good in the 'take a decision' call to action style. There is potential in them, but I am not sure I am that skilled to do more than just notice them.

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