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Originally Posted by Keerthika View Post
We are a tech startup. We develop custom small business applications. We actually made a tool to make customization of business application efficient and less time consuming. We use this tool to develop applications. We don't write code, we just give product specification to this tool and it generates the code. This drastically brings down the development cost and time.

Since we are able to do customization at affordable cost and time we are getting lot of interest here in India and got few customers from other countries as well.

We want to sell our product in India and other countries. We felt that US, Canada and UAE are good countries to sell our applications.

We felt that the best way to sell in overseas is by partnering with the sales people in respective countries.

There are lot of b2b experts here I guess.

1. Any advice on how to find the sales partners in different countries? Any particular resources or websites or blogs?

And any other sales advice is welcome
Hi there,

I've used before and they did pretty good work. They're a call center located in the phillipines but they target the US, Canada, Europe, etc. They call, email, post on facebook walls, and pretty much anything else in order to get you a lead. Every lead they send back to you is already interested at least a little in what you have to offer. It's up to you to finish the sale though.

In 2012 they were rated #1 for lead generation in toptenreviews and they're still great to use today

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