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Default Online Assessment Tools For New Ideas

Would you be interested in using an online assessment tool to rate your invention, idea, or new business opportunity?

The online tools allow you to compare and rate your invention, idea, or new business opportunity to proven, ideal characteristics that are necessary for success in the marketplace. A scale of 1-9 is used where 1 is a rating of unsatisfactory and 9 is a rating of excellent.

The ratings are then computed using a pre-determined importance configuration and areas of strength and weakness are illustrated in a report. The report also includes ways to improve the invention, idea, or new business opportunity to make it more successful in the marketplace. The tools provide pragmatic, objective feedback for you to determine the next steps in commercializing your ideas and/or inventions.

Are these assessment tools something you would be interested in? How much would you be willing to pay for a single assessment and report?

What would you name the website containing these tools?

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