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Default Best way to rank your website

It is meaningless to say that there is any best way until you aren't ready for it. However, i would like to add some basics so that you get a clear understanding provided i assume you have already created a website:
1. Don't get your website indexed until you finish creating min of 30 high quality posts targeting low competitive keywords
2. Now once you finish first task, get all of them indexed at a time. Relax and don't create any article for 3- 7 days however create social media pages and get them liked by your friends and request them to share your page with their friends. This technique will give your posts exposure and most likely your articles ( if valuable) may end up with bloggers that are in line with your niche.
3. Search for relevant forums. By relevant means if similar topics are discussed there. Try to add value to the conversion. Remember not to spam because that will end you banned from forums.
4. This way you will get few handful backlinks and then get back to the first step and repeat the process continuously, you will definitely attract high traffic in few months of time

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