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Originally Posted by johnnylew View Post
On March 28th I took the plunge! I got serious about Facebook! WHY DIDNT I START SOONER! I heard so many people say that it didnt work. If your a B2B company I would agree FB is not for you.

My business is perfect (I am still kicking myself!) - I run a sports merchandise business, where do people with common interests hang out? Facebook. Where do they talk about their interests, Facebook.

I started by creating a Fan Page, then bought some ads, and then put "like" buttons on the site...Within minutes I had "likes" coming in, people "liking" the product pages. What is truly awesome is, when someone "likes" the fan page or a product on the website, Facebook posts a comment on that fans wall for all their freinds to see! It's "word of mouth", but on the web.

I am over 500 fans in a little over 2 weeks, and I am only experimenting! Thats 13,000 run rate for 52 weeks. My customer list is over 10,000 and that took 4 years to build!

I am going to ensure I treat fans just like I do customers, encourage my existing customers to join me over on FB and get to know everyone on a personal level. You cant do that on your website, google adwords or email marketing.

As you can tell - I am hooked!
Hey Johnny!! So happy to hear of your FB success! I was a bit of a latecomer to the social network also and I'm still trying to get my head around how to use it to its full potential (along with other social sites) - but I would tell anyone they should get into this.

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