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HI Philip, I am PK and I own, a speed dating and singles services business in southeaster PA in the US. It sounds like Speed Networking has some of the social advantages of speed dating. Even though of course your gatherings involve professionals rather than eligible singles, speed networking is a great solution for professionals who have shy personalities and may have difficulty introducing themselves or asserting themselves, especially in business environments where pressure is on to "sell" themselves as they represent their product.

I am intriqued by your background in math and how you have related it to your S.N. business through the development of the mixing cards. Would the participants use some sort of pencil check-off system on the cards so that they don't get confused about where they are in the lineup? With speed dating it does help to have the room rotating in one direction or between numbered tables because after going to a few tables it can all become somewhat of a blur. Also, do you use a timer, bell, or some other signal so that participants know when it's time to move on? Without the use of our handy dandy bell our speed dating events would quickly become disorganized as some participants tend to linger at tables of those they are attracted to, while others can hardly wait for the bell to ring!

Best to you from the US,

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