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Default Speed Networking Services

Hi, My name is Philip O'Neil.

The main service that I am running is cards for organising Speed Networking events. Typically at networking events, most people go home only meeting around 5 people. At a Speed Networking event, the event is structured to match people together for a few minutes at a time and at the end of the event everyone has met 12 - 30 potential business contacts.

Usually Speed Networking events copy the Speed Dating format of pairing people up together. My Speed Networking events (I call Speed Mixing) involve people meeting on tables of 4 people and so that everyone meets 3 new people at a time. The fact that they only have to introduce themselves once for all three people puts those involved at a significant speed advantage over pairing up. So if everyone need 2.5 minutes to talk then meeting 3 people on a table of 4 takes 10 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes for 3 tables of 2.

This sort of Speed Networking is more complex than the more traditional pairing up. But, this sort of Speed Networking has significant efficiency advantages over pairing up and so I am confident that it is better. Hence the service that I provide is to sell those who want to run a Speed Networking event a set of 400 cards that can be used to operate a Speed Networking event for 28 - 112 people on tables of 4 people at a time. I can use logos and personalise the cards to however the customer wants. The cards would be used in a Speed Networking event to direct everyone involved to the correct table to ensure that they only meet new people.

Speed Networking groups are the main focus of my marketing at the moment. In time I will start focussing on other markets who wish to have cards and services for organising people into groups. These cards are designed to mix people into groups while minimising the number of people who have previously been in a group together. Ultimately, I think the teaching market has the most potential but I have been advised that the teaching market is quite complex and so Speed Networking is a better place to start.

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