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Question Your Opinion To Overseas Vendors At Trade Shows?

I need your honest opinion to overseas vendor at trade shows, especially Asian vendors. I am asking this is because I am originally from China and am seriously thinking of going to trade shows to promote my small business, but I was told that a lot of buyers look at Chinese vendors very differently from American vendors and also automatically downgrade their trust level =(. It might be the language barrier or their way of interacting with potential buyers....but I do want to know the reality. If this is true, I might need to get someone and hide behind the scene. It's sad, but I don't want to fail and experiment on my own dollar....I've been to some electronics products trade shows. Since a lot of large manufacturers are from Asia in that industry, so I was not able to tell. But the trade shows I am planning to attend are mostly for U.S. vendors.... Any input is highly appreciated.

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