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Default What my Copywriting Mentors Taught ME about Testing Your Headlines

Hi Gregory,

Dunno why none of the copywriting gurus SHARES this tidbit.

But I've paid copywriting mentors SIX FIGURES
and got some inside info.

A - IF you polled 50 people at Random INSIDE the same industry niche
And got 2 titles that both got 60% - you did good.

B - However.

IF your 50 random folks are Really Random.

Then their OPINIONS don't count.


Because YOU want to sell your books to folks ALREADY buying similar

And the Random people are NOT your prospects.


They Opinions don't Count.


P.S. - I am running a BRIBE Test at this forum - now.

That might SEEM to break that rule.

But my book is going to be sold to 3 overlapping niches. (And everyone on the forum Has bought stuff in 1 or all 3 niches.)

a - People who want to make extra moolah

b - Dating and Flirt niche

c - Self improvement niche

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