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Books have been written on this, but let me give a couple of quick and simple things that can reduce your CPC.

1. Tighten up your Ad Groups. Each group should focus on one keyword and contain 5-15 related keywords.
2. Make sure the keyword is in the title of your ad.
3. Always prepare two ads. Only change one thing. Test different titles to start. Let the ads run for at least 50 clicks. Replace the losing CTR with a new ad/headline and keep repeating.
4. Put the keyword in the title of the landing page. This will require having a landing page for each keyword, but it's worth it. Optimize the page with the keyword at < 1% density and add in other related keywords (LSI). Have at least 500 words on the landing page and include links to these pages: 1) privacy 2) disclosure 3) contact 4) a link to a page with about 5 articles on it.

All these things will increase your quality score and reduce your CPC.

Bob Cavanaugh

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