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Originally Posted by Social-Media View Post
Even though Google has been reading Flash for many years... and 3 years ago Adobe gave Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google the specs for reading their Flash binaries... I have heard Matt Cutts at Google say in person that it will be a decade before flash sites begin ranking well, and they will NEVER rank as well as an HTML site.

Flash has MANY things going against it from an SEO perspective, not the least of which is the fact that "most" Flash sites are single pages (the site home page) that loads up an SWF file. Flash sites do NOT get to take advantage of typical on-site/on-page SEO techniques. Instead they are 99.999% dependent on off-site SEO - i.e. inbound links from OTHER sites.

A 100 page Flash site typically has a single URL (home page) that loads up an SWF. All navigation to the 100 pages is typically within the SWF file. So all 100 pages of Flash content get indexed and associated with 1 URL - the home page. Which means you get 1 <title>, 1 h1, a set of h2s, one keyword rich URL "if" your domain is keyword rich, etc.

A 100 page HTML site on the other hand has 100 distinct URLs each of which can be keyword rich. Each page can target a different keyword phrase (or closely related phrases) using its own <title>, <h1>, <h2>s, content, etc.

Most Flash sites are created because developers enjoy working with Flash because it's "cool". Most of the time, however, they rarely use features in Flash that couldn't almost be duplicated in HTML.

Flash has it's place. IMO it should be used for things like ad widgets - simple components that make up only part of a page... and NEVER should be used to build an entire site.

If you want your site to rank, use HTML/CSS. If you don't care about your site ranking and the only thing you care about is having a "cool" site to list on a business card (and the only way you want to be found is via business cards), have at it!
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