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Default Debating On Optimizing For Product Itself Or Related Information

Here's the question - if I sell a product, and my "angle" is teaching people related things about that product, is it better to try and get ranked for the content that I write that is more instructional... or the actual product itself?

To explain, I have a company that sells reusable travel mugs. I specialize in the ones specifically that look like the disposable ones you get at the coffeehouses.

My "thing" if you will, is teaching people how to DIY their fancy coffee drinks and save money by getting a good reusable mug and not paying $5 for their latte. Making them at home and using a reusable mug that looks like a disposable one still gives it that coffeehouse "feel" of indulging but saves a lot of money.

I've written an eBook that I give away for free on my website on how to make iced and frozen (frappuccino) drinks at home.

But my website is not really converting. I know it needs a redesign and will be getting one hopefully in the next 6 months. I know people love the products because when I do shows, they snatch them up... people always comment on them when I'm out and about, etc.

I haven't done a whole lot with the website yet because I am really unsure what I am needing to target. And perhaps that's what I need help with - I could try and go for keywords that are related to "reusable travel mug" or something like that, or would it be better to go for keywords that are more related to the educating and content that I publish?

I don't think there are as many buyers in the second category but it is the "low hanging fruit" that I see here, or so it would seem. I am really kind of thinking I should try and find a keyword here and there that is related to the product itself that doesn't have high competition but I am running up against a wall and can't seem to find good ones.

Any thoughts?

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