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I know a guy that is doing this in South Carolina.

But he has teamed up with businesses that get a cut of his profit. He works out of a few gas stations that don't have their own car washes and he also does the door to door type car wash sales in which you're talking about.

He had about $4,000 to invest in his equipment and after about 6 months I think he was pulling in $10,000 per month. Now his company is making 120k a year but that doesn't factor in the cost of his supplies, insurance, and employee costs. I think he has around 5 people working for him now.

It is a profitable niche if you're willing to put the time into doing the work.

You can actually start with a team of 10 and have them put fliers on cars at malls and see what happens. Tell the team that they will get paid $10 for each car they clean on average. And that's if you're charging $15. Tell your guys they will get $20 per car if you are charging $30. And if there are 2 guys washing 1 car then they will have to split the profit, they can't both make $10 on a $15 sale obviously.

If you really want to make some cash then you should learn how to detail a car. People will pay up to $200 every time if you can do it right... And have the proper equipment.

I do like the mobile cash wash and detail idea, I was actually thinking about doing this about 6 months ago but I live in Chicago and there's just too much snow out right now lol

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