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Default How To Get Traffic To Your Blog!

Everyone wants to know how to drive traffic to their blog. As odd as this may sound - you don't. Blogs are a tool, much like social networking sites are. They provide someone with minimal to no we programming skills to vocalize their thoughts, ideas and information to the internet community.

The more you write in your blog, the greater is your opportunity to draw visitors who have searched for keywords that your blog may contain. As ideal as this may sound, it only is if it is well executed. For example, writing a blog on a daily basis as a traffic source will eventually build d a decent traffic source for your website, however, the quality of your blog may not be so good. What's the point of driving traffic to your site if you're just going to diminish the credibility of your business and/or your products and services?

So, if you want to write a blog and use it to drive traffic to your site, then you may want to keep the following in mind:

1. Make sure your blog is focused and maintains a theme. For example, if your product is about door handles, make sure that your blog talks about door handles - how they're manufactured, materials they are made from, the proper way to maintain a door handle, whatever - as long as it follows the theme of your product, service or business.

2. Update your blog consistently, and not sporadically. Visitors to your site will not necessarily buy from you, or become your client on their first visit. In fact, visitors may come to your website several times before making their initial purchase with you. Why? They are looking for updates. And that's what you want - but you need to let your visitors know when you update and make sure you do it when you say you will.

For example, your blog about door handles may state somewhere in its header, "Updated Every Friday". This lets the visitor know when and how often they should revisit you site. This also allows you to proactively plan your topics and properly develop your blog entry with good articles and photographs. A well written blog, especially one that is intended to drive traffic and build credibility should never be created on half fast or at a moments notice. Make sure it is well planned and consistent.

3. ASK for visitor feedback and comments. Don't just expect it, ASK for it. This will provide your blog with two benefits. It will build relevant content that will be picked up by the search engines, and it will provide a great opportunity for you to learn more about your customer, about competitors that you may not be aware of, and even market trends.

Don't allow yourself to be afraid that customer may mention competitors or negative comments. Instead, be proactive about learning from these comments and turn it into your advantage to stay ahead of the game and more competitive.

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