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I think you are making a lot of assumptions and should get professional advice. For example, you mention not publishing in your local paper ... but that is usually associated with setting up your dba (doing business as) versus the creation of the entity as a sole prop, partnership, llc or inc. I am not familiar with your area or scenario, so can't say - but my previous experiences have been different than what you describe with that.

I'd would like to have a lawyer due to the "sensitive" and law-suit prone nature of my business, but the capital involved is just so small (less than 100k).
Then I wouldn't hesitate with that. There may not be a lot of legal advice needed, and if there is ... well you should consider that as well.

Regarding where to find a lawyer, I wouldn't depend on yp/online.

I have friends that are in the law business, but they mainly know medical law and political law (not what I'm focusing on).
I wouldn't brush that off so quickly as a route. Do any of your contacts with medical law or political law know any lawyers that might work - I know many lawyers that don't practice in a particular area but know others that do.

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