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Like others have said, it depends on what you want to do (per se), but I thought I would explain some of the technical differences between them in case anyone is unfamiliar and wants to know, and also the large amount of overlap.

PHP is a backend server language (unlike Javascript and its related platforms/libraries like JQuery) that runs on the “server side” and then throws the result at the browser. Its syntax is very similar to C++, Java, and the like and as such it’s a VERY powerful programming language. What’s wonderful about PHP is it can do about 99% everything that JAVA, C#, and C++ (etc.) can, at least, strictly from a programming standpoint (the code itself), and anything that you can’t do with it, because it exists on the “server-side,” can just be done on the “browser-side” with Javascript/JQuery.

Wordpress is a blogging platform and CMS outfit. It’s generally considered the best of its kind as far as the previous two things go, although there are others like it. If you need to do any professional level blogging “hosted” wordpress (wordpress running on your own domain) is generally considered the way to go. You can even program your own site and control the way wordpress runs using your own code, but as others have said, there’s a catch, and therein lies the overlap. Wordpress is written in PHP and also uses a MySQL database, and as such, if you want to program your own custom wordpress site (which I’ve had to do several times) you absolutely have to do so in PHP.

So again, it depends on what you want to accomplish; PHP is just a computer language and like all of those, it depends what you make of them. If you are looking to do professional blogging/SEO stuff, then wordpress would be simpler because it probably would require less PHP code to use them, but again, it all depends on what you want; or what you want the outcome based on the parameters of what you’re doing to be.

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