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Okay here is a quick go:

1. Do your keyword research, ranking is only worth something if people search on that term. Then spread these terms across pages on your website. so say you pick 12 search terms you want to rank on, make usre you have a page for each of these.
2. Make sure the site is SEO friendly, so not built in flash, not behind a login.
3. Make sure it is very obvious what the site is about.
4. Make sure you have clear conversion goals.
5. Make sure the terms you want to optimise for are at the being in of yout title tags, in H1 tags and again somewhere in the text.
6. Add to your site to google maps (using the search terms in the title and description) then gets some reviews written by friends.
7. Add google analytics to your site.
8. Build a blog or some way to reguallry add content to your site.
9. Sort out your internal linking (link to the internal pages using the search terms you want to rank the page on in the anchor text)
10. Start the link building process, submit to directories, write guest posts, publish article so on. Get lots of links back to your site.

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