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Default Not Off Off line, but still...

Here's some ideas... with a warning... you get what you pay for, and I'm giving these away free!

1) If this is an import auto repair shop, they've probably got some really cool (for people who go in for that sort of thing) car photos... (with the hood open showing the engine, etc.) They could make some screensavers with their URL printed discreetly in the corner. Car lovers will even refer other enthusiasts to the site...

2) OWG mentioned Christmas... at my last company, one year rather than send out a Christmas Card, we sent out a Web site address... it was a page on our site where we had made a nice animated Christmas card, and then we donated the money we saved on postage, etc. to a charity. People referred their friends, etc. We got a lot more traffic than just our customers. That also worked out very nicely since the charity also mentioned us as donors...

3) The local sports team was a great idea. What if you added a page to the site where you posted weekly stats of the games in the whole league? Who one, who lost, pictures from the games (if you have a digital camera, it's easy.) Soon every team will be referring people to the site.

Like I said... except for the Christmas card idea, these aren't tested... I'd appreciate hearing if you try any, and whether they work or not.

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