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Originally Posted by Mike.Bean View Post
I'm wondering how it works if you submit your articles to Ezine articles from Wordpress. Isn't this considered duplicate content? It's the exact same wording on 2 different sites. I thought this was a bad thing.

I was under the impression I should do a great spin on any article I want to send to any article submission website.

If I have it on wordpress I should spin it for Ezine, then spin it again for another article directory, and so on.

I feel like I'm missing something here. If the article you submit to Ezine can show up in the SERP's under and my site, aren't they battling for rankings? Isn't that a bad thing as well?
Hello mike,

Just wanna remind about the difference of Article site to a Web 2.0 or Blog site.

Article submission site - is where we post our article that some others do resume posting to other article sites. (but i prefer not doing that.)

Blogging site's & Web 2.0 - This are usually hosted by a firm site that enables free blog hosting like blogger, wordpress, typepad. etc.

As I think,
Publishing article in both article submission site and blogging or web 2.0 site is a duplicate content or will also considered as spamming.

Main point: We must always provide different articles to avoid spamming, and to share more information for the users that will surely benefit our sites as soon as it has been recognize by Google.

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