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My $0.02 on the hosting....

Free webhosting with - No bells or whistles, but no banner popups either. I doubt you could run a blog there since there is no PHP or mySQL support for free accounts.

A little more... $6/month - template site. quick and easy setup.

A little more ... iPowerWeb $7.95/month. very powerful and all bells and whistles you could want. Blog, OSCommerce store free and easy to install.

I'm curious how you got to 200 unique visitors per day?

I'm struggling to add 40-60 visitors per day and get them to spend more than 5 seconds. Getting them to buy my affiliates products is even harder for the market I have targeted. Google ads have been useless. I set my goal at 6 months to turn a consistent profit.

I limited myself to $200 startup and have about $60 in revenues (after 45 days) that won't be paid until I reach affiliate minimums. The cafe press t-shirt idea is interesting due to the immediate availablility of markup dollars.

Good luck.

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