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Default Using Twitter And Facebook Together To Drive Sales

We've had some excellent luck using Twitter and Facebook together to drive traffic and - eventually - sales. It has been a slog, but it has been demonstrably effective and I've had a great time doing it.

I created a Facebook page for my business, and used the Wall as a blogging platform. People who are interested in my company's products tend to be interested in a short list of related topics, so I've been posting items about those topics to our Facebook Wall, usually with a joke or a snarky take, just to make it interesting or funny. I'd intersperse these posts with the rare post about our own products.

Then, I identified other Facebook pages that relate to those topics of interest, and that had a high number of Fans. I added these pages to our pages list of Favorites. I was quite selective, adding only a dozen or so high quality pages.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, I'd opened an account and Tweet shortened versions of the Facebook blog posts. I'd follow Tweeters that specialize in those same topics that appear in my Facebook Wall posts, retweet their content, and insinuate my company in a community of Twitter users that are interested in the same topics addressed on my Facebook page.

Then, I'd very occasionally Tweet about my company's products.

The event that brought it all together in the end was a promotion, a giveaway of one of my products to a random Facebook fan. To win, all you had to do was become a fan of the Facebook page. The promotion lasted one month. I tweeted about it occasionally, and my twitter network retweeted the message for me, driving more fans to our Facebook page.

We went from 26 fans to 113 in three weeks. I can directly attribute 9 sales in August to Facebook and Twitter. Not a huge number of sales, but 9 more than I had before, and our base keeps growing, and may generate more sales down the road.

I am a convert to the Church of Social Networking. Can I get Amen?

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